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Have you decided to sterilize your dog and don’t know how to manage the post-operative phase? In today’s article, we’ll explain how to behave when you are in this situation. Following some simple tips the four-legged friend will recover and return to normal life in a few days.

1. Create a peaceful environment

When you bring the dog home, make sure she will find a quiet, noise-free, warm and clean environment. In all likelihood she will be dazed, clumsy in movement, so she will need peace to rest and get back on her feet. Also, the fewer people around her disturbing her peace, the better it will be for her.
Also pay attention to his bed: make sure that the furry sleeps in a clean and dry cushion, so that the wound does not become infected.

2. Avoid leaving the dog alone at home for a long time

For at least the first 24 hours, do not leave the dog alone, both because complications may arise following the operation, and because without anyone at home she may feel in danger. Keep the situation monitored, check that she eats, be awake, doesn’t suffer too much. After the first week in which you will try not to stay out for long, gradually return to the old rhythms.

3. Administer light food

Food is important for the dog, thanks to the right dose of kibble she will be able to find the necessary energy to overcome the operation in an optimal way. However, it is very likely that she does not want to eat immediately or even vomits. Feed her after the anesthetic effect has passed, a light meal instead of her normal food ration.

4. Check that the wound is not licked

It is in the nature of dogs to lick their wounds, but in this case be very careful that the dog does not get stuck and wants to pass his tongue on the incision at all costs. Leave the patch in place for 24 hours to help heal faster. Once removed, check the wound that during the healing phase should be dry and make sure that the dog does not take off the points with the teeth, in order to prevent any bacterial infections. If the case, use a veterinary collar.

5. Avoid the dog making excessive efforts

During this moment the diktat is only one: total rest! The more the dog moves, runs, climbs the stairs, jumps in the days following sterilization, the greater the risk that the points will remove. For this reason, it is appropriate to avoid any movement that could stretch the incision, increase blood pressure or detach the points. If you have other dogs keep it in a separate room.

By following these simple rules, your furry friend will get back in shape without problems, of course in case you don’t notice any improvements, contact your vet immediately.

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