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Getting ready to go on holiday is always exciting for us, but less so for our pets, especially cats! Felines tend to prefer the comfort and safety of home over “fun trips” out of town! So, if you are going to take kitty with you, make sure you supply it with the right kind of toys to play with.

Living with a cat does not limit your ability to spend some relaxing time at the beach or up in the mountains. Just make sure you take all of Kitty’s needs into account as you plan.

Cat toys

Besides packing the food dish, litter box, health certificate, carrier and favourite blankie, your cat will also need a bag full of playthings! The right cat toys are a must when you travel, not only to relieve the stress of hours in the car, but also to bring the scent of home with you and provide Kitty with a sense of familiarity.

Predator, the electronic boredom relief toy

Your vacation home or hotel room should be littered with objects the cat is familiar with, both in terms of shape and scent! It will make it feel safe, protected and loved. Toys and playthings are important. A perfect example of a great toy that combines fun and challenge is Predator, and its name is already a programme!

Predator is an electronic game composed of a disc with a pin that simulates the movements of a mouse’s tail under a coloured nylon pad. When turned on, the disc rotates and the mouse’s tail becomes the prey! The chase to capture the mouse hidden under the rug is on!

This special toy will help Kitty relax and have fun while its intelligence and curiosity are stimulated too! There are four rotation speeds to meet the needs of cats of all ages, old and young cats will have loads of fun even though their physiques might not be those of adult cats!

Toys to put in the luggage

If you have enough room in your luggage, add some other interactive toys, like Discover and Trea, toys that will keep the cat’s mind active which feature hiding places for kibbles the cat needs to try to pry out! And then there are the less space-filling toys like the classic fishing rod, a stuffed mouse or noisy little balls, all great toys that get the cat running around and slowly used to its new environment.

Unless your cat is accustomed to going for walks on a lead, we do not recommend the cat run free without you being there. It could get out and, being in an unfamiliar place, get seriously lost!

Are you ready to go on holiday with your cat? The right toys will make it feel right at home!

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