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Are we sure we know everything about our kitties? Scientists say that cats hate some of the things we do and let us know it in various ways, sometimes by being disrespectful. Let’s take a look at what they really can’t stand.

We tend to think it’s a good idea to raise our voices to correct wrong behaviour in our dogs, and that this is true for cats as well. The truth is, we couldn’t be more wrong.

Cats have very sensitive hearing and because their ears are so delicate they hate loud noises, and that includes when we raise our voices.

Another frequent (VERY frequent) error we make is leaving a bowl of water out for the cat. Cats don’t like to drink water that’s been standing around for while… have you ever seen yours trying to drink water from the tap? Well, that’s why! They love water that moves. For this reason, we at Ferplast have designed the Vega fountain, about which we’ve written in the past. It’s useful not just in summer, but all year round.

Smells are very important to cats too, which is why the experts say we should hold back from brushing them too often. Remember, felines are very careful about their personal hygiene and love to do their grooming by themselves.

And speaking of smells, another thing cats hate is a dirty litter box. We know, there are so many types on the market, and we sometimes don’t even smell it ourselves, but they do! By cleaning their litter box regularly we will dissuade them from wanting to leave us a little ‘message’ where they shouldn’t!

And, finally, cats and dogs have really different characters, so let’s not force them to be what they are not. Dogs give their owners unconditional love and affection. Cats, on the other hand, are more rational, less trusting, they need more time to show us their love. So let’s not force them, let’s let them be cats, naturally!

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