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We are far more accustomed to seeing women with small dogs that fit into a handbag or bicycle basket than to seeing them with a really big dog, but that’s not true for everyone!
We spent a summer afternoon with Francesca and her boxer, Eva, up in the mountains of San Martino di Castrozza and we learned about a great love.

Let’s get right to the point. Why did you, Francesca, decide to adopt a large dog that is not exactly known for its sweet nature?


I’m going to contradict you immediately. Eva is a boxer, but she’s never hurt anyone. Dogs are not naturally aggressive, if they growl it’s because they want to protect their owner or their pack, and in my case me and my friends or my family. They’re not prone to attack for no reason. Eva spends her days playing in the garden or on her bed waiting for a cuddle.


So you’ve never had any doubts about adopting a boxer?


Not at all. Eva is my second dog. I wanted a pet with a character like my own, I wanted it to be strong and smart, big but peaceful. My only regret is that I didn’t let her have enough time to play with other dogs when she was little. When we go for a walk I have to keep her on the lead and watch out when we come across other dogs. Nothing has ever happened, but it’s always something of a tense moment. And you never know what the other dog or its owner will do! It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


What sort of collar and lead do you prefer??


I’m a firm believer in the harness. With a dog this size I feel I have more control. When I use the Ferplast harness with handle I can go for nice long walks and keep her by my side.


To whom would you recommend a dog like this?


To anyone who has the desire and time to devote to it. Boxers have a strong sense of belonging to a pack, that is, the family they live with. They will do anything to protect their owner and anyone he or she allows within the family circle. They have a peaceful character, well-balanced, loyal and wary of outsiders, eternal puppies who could play all day if you let them! I would suggest you keep it on the lead when there are others around, avoid big crowds and always have a muzzle ready – as required by law – just in case it looks like someone might get in harm’s way. It’s just a precaution, but it’s always best to show respect for others as well.

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