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2015 is celebrating year for Ferplast: after the 25th anniversary of the plastics department and the 10th anniversary of the Slovakia production plant, this year we shall be celebrating the Russian branch.From 16th to 18th September, during the PARKZOO trade fair, we will be celebrating the first 10 years of the Russian sales branch.

We’re very proud of this milestone. It wasn’t easy at first, due to all the bureaucracy involved and to the different way the labour is organised in that country. We must confess that the start-up of this branch was quite complicated.

But what matters is that we’ve made it. Today we have almost 50 people working to serve this large country. We boast two warehouses, one in Moscow and another in Novosibirsk, to serve Siberia and eastern Russia, with about 10 agents for the different regions, who have made it possible to deliver more than 1,200,000 products last year alone.

Today, more than 700 shops and large chain pet shops can display the accessories most loved by pets and their owners. Russians love their pets and are great appreciators of the quality of Ferplast products, something of which we’re obviously very proud. This motivates us to further penetrate their market, our goal for the upcoming years.

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