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The Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), also known as millionfish or rainbow fish, is one of the most widely distributed tropical fish, easy to manage in the aquarium. Nice, with enchanting shapes and colours, it is robust and adaptable to several habitats. Here’s all you need to know before introducing it in your aquarium!

Features and curiosity

The Guppy fish comes from South America and it is called “million fish” because it is very prolific, this is why its breeding and genetic selection has been practiced since the early 1900s.

Between male and female specimens there’s a big difference: the first ones have gaudy shades and more developed and colorful fins, both on the tail and on the back; the second ones, instead, have a beige uniform colouring with a little black spot that becomes more marked during the pregnancy.

One of their peculiarities is that they are ovoviparous fish, that means the little fish hatch from eggs fertilized in the mother’s womb. Not only that, females can decide on its own when to fertilize their egg cells, so as to plan the birth of the new generation only when the environmental conditions are favorable.

The million fish are omnivores and eat any type of feed, live or frozen, dry, freeze-dried or flaked … they are easy-going fish!

Guppy fish habitat

Guppy fish live in groups, they adapt to any very different habitat. Basically they prefer environments rich in vegetation , but they do not dislike small mountain brooks or downstream river bends with a slow current or seasonal pools. In nature they can also be found in lakes and brackish coastal lagoons.

Recreating an appropriate habitat in the aquarium is quite simple: first of all you need to choose an aquarium of at least 100-120 liters, such as the Ferplast Capri model; then just insert some rocks and some plants, better if lower in the central part and higher at the sides, and some objects in which the fish can hide and find a shelter. The ideal water temperature is between 23 ° and 26 ° C. The thing that really matters is that the little fish can move inside it with a perfectly straight and not swinging course.

How to breed the Guppy Fish at the best

The Guppies are one of the species that are more suitable for community aquariums, where fish belonging to different species and families (except for the fighting fish, its arch enemy) coexist, however they prefer to live in a fish group of the same species. The ideal ratio inside the aquarium is 3-4 females for each male, in fact they mate easily so it is better to keep the number of males low, because they use to chase the females causing them a great stress. Because of the fact they reproduce very quickly, when you are about to buy them, go cautious!

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