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When adopting an animal you should always pick up as much information as possible. In case you are interested in bringing home a sweet little guinea pig you absolutely need to know all the different breeds, the types and the existing colors, so as to opt for the one closest to your needs. Are you curious to find out which are the different types of guinea pigs?

Long-haired guinea pigs

Peruvian guinea pig
The Peruvian guinea pig is one of the most well-known and popular, it is famous for its long and soft hair that can grow up to over 10cm. There are 2 symmetrical roses on the back that direct the hair, which falls softly from the back to the front to form the typical fringe that gives it a singular and funny look. Precisely because of the length of the mantle,  it requires an accurate and constant grooming. The Peruvian guinea pig is very attached to its owner and is always looking for cuddles.

Abyssinian guinea pig
The hair of the Abyssinian guinea pig can be striped red and black, marbled with red, black and white patches or of uniform color, in red and black. The texture is more pointed and voluminous than the Peruvian cousin. He has a very sociable character and is very active and playful.

Cavia Sheltie guinea pig
The color of the sheltie guinea pig’s coat is usually uniform and varies between beige, black, fawn and brown, but there are many varieties with tricolor hair. The growth of the hair goes from the head to the back and it is important to groom it every day. They are hyperactive and like to play with other pigs, with humans they are initially very shy.

Guinea pigs without fur

Skinny guinea pig
The Skinny pig guinea pigs are completely hair-free except on the snout, this is why they are sensitive and delicate and consequently are more easily attacked by insects. Being unprotected you need to pay attention to the temperatures, because they could suffer if it is too hot or too cold. They eat a lot and are very fond of fresh vegetables.

Short-haired guinea pigs

American guinea pig
The American guinea pig is the most common and known guinea pig, it has a smooth, thick and shiny fur, a stocky body and a shorter and rounded nose than other types of guinea pigs. It has a docile character and is easy to look after, certainly the ideal breed for those who have never had an animal of this kind.

Guinea pig teddy
The teddy guinea pig is one of the most tender pets ever, due to its appearance similar to a teddy bear (that’s why teddy!). It has a short and very soft coat and a mustache that stands out on the face. Despite its looks it has a strong and firm character, so avoid being unfair, it will remember everything! Besides, they don’t like physical activity very much, on the contrary, they are rather lazy.

All guinea pigs, regardless of breed and aptitude, need a home, a place they feel safe in which to find a shelter and where to sleep. The key thing is that it must be roomy enough to run, play, run and explore without problems. Ferplast Casita range of cages are the ideal habitat ideal as well as very simple to clean, thanks to the handy base made of plastic with completely openable roof, perfect for easily reaching all parts. Remember that the serenity of your guinea pig also passes through the habitat in which he lives!

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