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Cane in ospedale veterinario pubblico
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It is not yet a reality, but the construction of the first public veterinary hospital in Italy is now a concrete project.

The recent approval of the 2022 budget gave the green light to the project, which will be subsidized with 3.5 million euros. The hospital will be a reference place for owners of cats, dogs and more.

What is a public veterinary hospital?

A veterinary hospital is a generally public or ‘mixed’ facility, which only charges for certain services or requires specific medical insurance. While veterinary clinics mostly perform outpatient activities, the veterinary hospital is larger and offers more services. The medical staff is larger and more specialized. The services also include first aid, intensive care and animal health promotion.Cat during a veterinary visit in a public veterinary hospital

The first public veterinary hospital in Italy

The first public veterinary hospital will be built in Rome by the end of 2022, on the site of the Muratella dog kennel in Via della Magliana. 150,000 euro have been earmarked for the first phase of work, to be followed by subsequent injections of cash to continue. It is estimated that the work will cost around 3.5 million euro.

Motivations for the project

This project stems from the desire to encourage the coexistence of man and animal and from the desire to upgrade the Muratella dog pound, which currently has 406 guests and is in need of complete renovation. The construction of the hospital also aims to prevent stray and abandoned animals. In addition to treatment, the facility will also promote animal health, preventing the development of diseases and promoting the well-being of four-legged friends. The hospital will greatly simplify the management of animals by the capital.

Who is involved in the realization

The construction of the first public hospital in Italy directly involves Roma local health company  and animal welfare and voluntary associations in the area. The latter have always played a key role in the protection of animal welfare.Dog during a veterinary visit in a public veterinary hospital

Although residents of the capital with an ISEE (income tax) of less than 15,000 euro already benefit from free veterinary care, the public veterinary hospital was created with the aim of increasing this service. A new facility and state-of-the-art equipment will help families manage the daily life of their pets.

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