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Gatto mentre mangia da ciotole Ferplast
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Unlike in the warmer months, cats tend to eat more in winter. This is why you should pay attention to your cat’s diet.

In cold weather, your cat’s diet must be reviewed to adapt to the physiological needs that the drop in temperature brings.

Why does your cat eat more in winter?

Cats are particularly affected by cold temperatures, much more than dogs. In winter, therefore, the harsh climate requires an extra dose of energy. The cat obtains this “fuel” from food, so that the body’s fat reserves are not depleted. This explains why cats tend to eat more in cold weather. 

To ensure that your cat eats as much as his body requires, without going overboard and running the risk of obesity, it is necessary to review his diet.Cat is next to Glam Ferplast Bowls

What is your cat’s diet like in winter?

During the cold months, your cat needs to consume more calories in order not to be unprepared for the drop in temperature.

Therefore, even if his muscular activity decreases, your cat must change his diet to meet the body’s demand for more energy.

Fats and proteins are among the elements to be preferred, in particular fish and fresh meat of poultry origin, the so-called ‘white meats’, primarily chicken and turkey. Proteins are indispensable in a cat’s diet, as they contribute to the development of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

Essential nutrients include vitamin A, the essential fatty arachidonic acid and the amino acid taurine. 

In contrast to humans, cats are not able to derive effective sustenance from carbohydrates. Packaged cat food is often the most complete choice to ensure that the cat does not lack any nutrients.Cat in winter is in front of Glam Ferplast bowl

Cat food accessories?

Although cats tend to need more energy in winter, there is a substantial difference between indoor and outdoor cats. Cats living in heated environments are much less affected by temperature changes. 

If your cat is used to having his food station outside, during the winter months it is better to choose plastic and ceramic bowls, which do not absorb the cold (unlike metal). Among Ferplast’s cat feeding accessories there are:

  • Venere, a glazed ceramic bowl decorated with the silhouette of a cat’s face
  • Glam, plastic bowl with non-slip rubber on the bottom edge
  • Zenith, transparent plastic dry food dispenser, useful for keeping the level of kibble under control

Cat is drinking from Vega by FerplastDoes the indoor cat really need to eat more?

If your cat lives indoors, he doesn’t need extra food, quite the contrary. Cats do not like the cold and in winter they reduce their outings and physical activity considerably. For this reason it is important to keep them fit with interactive toys that stimulate body and mind, like those in Ferplast’s Clever & Happy range. In this way, even if your cat tends to eat more and put on a little weight, he will not risk obesity.Cat is playing with Ferplast Clever & Happy toy

Although house cats are less affected by the climatic changes caused by winter, it is advisable to pay attention to their diet and modify it, if necessary. If you have any doubts about your cat’s diet, you should always contact your vet.

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