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Cane abbandonato per strada
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Summer is not a joyful time for all dogs to share with their families. As happens every year, in fact, the phenomenon of abandonment returns punctually.

Although more and more pet parents are choosing to take their pets with them on holiday, and more and more hotels are being dedicated to them, abandonment is a problematic issue. Have you ever wondered what to do when faced with an abandoned dog?

Animal abandonment in summer

Once again, this year, the phenomenon of abandoned dogs has soared with the arrival of summer in Italy. In June alone, were recorded 150,000 cases of abandoned cats and dogs and a 17% increase in animal surrenders due to the death of the elderly owner and the lack of someone to take care of them in his place. In other cases, however, the decision to get rid of the dog is due to his unexpectedly lively or aggressive character.Cane abbandonato per strada guarda il padrone andarsene

Abandoning animals is a criminal offence in Italy, and anyone practicing this barbarity risks a fine of between €1,000 and €10,000. Abandoning dogs in the street is also dangerous for road traffic. It is not uncommon for abandoned dogs to cause accidents in the heat of chasing their owners. Abandoned dogs are destined to become strays, and stray dogs’ issue, like abandonment, have reached dramatic levels. It is estimated that 80% of abandoned dogs die waiting for their owner to return.

Finding an abandoned dog

When we find a dog alone wandering on the street, we should take small steps to gain his trust. We do not know the circumstances that led him there, so it is best to be cautious and approach him gently. However, whether the dog is docile or defensive, it is always best to contact the appropriate institutions when faced with an abandoned dog.

The abandoned dog is in good condition

If the dog is in good health condition, we suggest contacting the local authorities, such as the police, to report the finding of the dog. If the dog is found abandoned, the owner will be prosecuted. It is important to notify the authorities and sign the report because if we take the abandoned dog to a shelter without notifying the authorities, we become the new owners ourselves and have to pay the maintenance costs.Cucciolo abbandonato sul marciapiede

The abandoned dog is injured

If, on the other hand, we find an injured abandoned dog, we should call the Emergency Veterinary Service, which provides the animal with a team of trained and qualified professionals.

Abandoning animals is an inhumane act. As well as being ethically despicable, it is also a crime. If we find an abandoned dog, we should not look the other way but contact the local authorities and save a life.

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