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Why does the cat sneeze? On what occasions should we worry? As with any symptom, attention must always be paid to its frequency. If it happens occasionally there is nothing to fear, but if the cat sneezes constantly, there is certainly something wrong. Here’s what you need to pay attention to!

Why do cats sneeze?

Anyone who lives with a cat will have heard him sneeze, usually with small sneezes at a short distance from each other. This is what usually happens and can be caused by:

  • a tickle in the nose, the cat could sneeze simply because something tickles his nose and the sneeze just serves to get rid of it (as for us humans).
  • a strong odor, such as perfume, disinfectant or chemical cleaner, but also tobacco smoke and fumes from solvents.
  • a foreign body such as a wad of dust or a blade of grass that has entered his nose.
  • stress, travel by car, boat, plane and situations that limit his comfort and freedom can be stressful for the cat, once he is relaxed, he will also stop sneezing.

In the first two cases, once the source of the discomfort has stopped, the cat will return to breathe normally. In the third case, however, more attention must be paid because if the cat is unable to expel the foreign body, it could cause a nasal infection.

The cat sneezes and breathes badly: infection

In some cases, sneezing may indicate the presence of an infection, just like a cold for humans. In this case, the feline can also have fever and cough, tears and other eye secretions. In the most extreme cases it leads to apathy, inappetence, dehydration, weight loss and drooling.

The most frequent diseases that could affect your cat are:

  1. viral infections
  2. feline immunodeficiency virus, also known as cat FIV
  3. bacterial infections
  4. allergy

In conclusion, we must be alarmed if the sneezing lasts for a long time or if we notice changes in behavior compared to the ordinary. Such as the presence of one of the symptoms mentioned above. Contact your vet right away so that your cat can be examined immediately!

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