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Gatto perde il pelo: motivi
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Paying attention to changes in your cat’s coat can help you understand his health status. If your cat loses his hair or has a matted coat, these are warning signs that should not be overlooked.

A cat with a bad coat can be a sign of poor care or hormonal disorders, skin diseases, dermatitis and mycosis.

Why is your cat’s fur matted?

The cat’s coat provides protection from external agents, which is why it is so important it stays healthy. Cat hair is usually smooth and clean and has a silky texture. When it becomes matted, we need to try to find out why by asking our vet for help.

Nutritional deficiencies

Firstly, a worsening in the appearance of the cat’s coat can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. In this case the coat is a warning sign that may conceal other ongoing pathologies. A lack of Omega 3 fatty acids leads to dehydration of the skin and makes it itchy. If the cat scratches himself spasmodically, he may even take off his fur with his own claws. The basis for a healthy coat is therefore a healthy diet and good grooming.Gatto mangia dalle ciotole Ferplast


The second cause of an ageing coat are infections: bacteria, fungi and parasites tend to make the coat drier and duller.

How to make your cat’s coat shiny?

Brushing your cat’s hair

For your cat’s coat to be healthy and for you to notice any changes as soon as possible, you should brush it regularly. Cat hairbrushes not only untangle knots but also remove dead hair. Ferplast’s combination brush, GRO Premium 5765, massages the coat and makes it shinier. On one side, it has stainless steel wires to remove dead hair from the undercoat and, on the other, there are polyamide bristles to comb and clean the cat’s coat.

Removes knots

Knots are also particularly annoying for cats because they pull on the skin with every movement and can cause irritation. The comb with rotating teeth, GRO 5878 by Ferplast, make it easier to remove knots and smooth the coat without tearing it. They also have a rounded tip to be gentle on the skin.Gatto viene spazzolato con pettine Ferplast

When your cat’s coat begins to show the first signs of ageing, it is important to take regular care of it and to consult your vet to find out if it’s normal or if it’s hiding some more serious pathology.

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