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Is there anyone going to spend the summer in the city with his dog? No fear, life in the city during the summer months can turn into a pleasant experience, the important thing is to take the right precautions to face the torrid heat, also protecting Fido. Today we will explain some tricks to safeguard your dog!

The hot asphalt and the dog’s fingertips

The fingertips of the dog are used to protect the extremities of the animal’s paw from high temperatures, but this does not mean that the furry can face walks on surfaces of any type and temperature. For this reason, the fingertips must always be protected, possibly by usingspecial protective creams or by making frequent foot baths, with a basin at home or a fountain along the walk.

Thanks to the glands in the fingertips, the dog is able to sweat and keep his body temperature constant (therefore to cope with the summer heat) so walks on the hot asphalt must be avoided so that these sort of “soles” are not ruined!

It is a good thing to protect the dog from direct exposure to the sun’s rays: avoid taking it for a walk in the hottest hours of the day, that is, from 11 to 16, preferring early morning or evening / late afternoon. Whenever possible, opt for “fresh floors” such as grass, sand or sand gravel, looking for shelter in the shade as much as possible. If it is not possible, bring a bottle of water with you to refresh his legs.

Take frequent baths for the dog

An excellent idea to help the dog stay cool, especially if long-haired, is to bathe him. If you have a small dog you can use the bathtub, otherwise you can also just moisten his head or sprinkle some water to cool him slightly. You can use Ferplast’s practical Dog Shower, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, with the buttons provided you can dispense water or block it on demand and you can even massage the dog as it has rubber teeth.  For a more complete bath, it can be filled with shampoo which, thanks to the practical button, is evenly distributed over the animal’s coat. A perfect remedy to face the heat!

Leave the dog fresh water everywhere

The dog in the city will suffer from the heat and will need a lot of fluids in order not to dehydrate. Change the water often and make it always be fresh, not excessively cold. Keep dispensers and bowls in several rooms of the house, even one in the garden, so Rex will always have them available.

When you take him for a walk, especially if you do an intense physical activity, do not wait to be back to make him drink, the risk is that he become dehydrated. If you own a restaurant try to leave a bowl with fresh water outside your shop door, with a simple gesture you could improve the day for a thirsty dog!

Dogs and air conditioning

If you spend the summer with the dog in the city try to avoid air conditioning so as not to annoy the dog, preferring instead to use the classic fan. Be careful and keep it at a certain distance, do not point it directly at him and avoid that the dog approaches the fans, because he could get hurt.

Our four-legged friends are counting on us to ensure that we keep them cool and well-hydrated, before they let us notice with panting swift and heavy! Follow our advice and you will spend a wonderful summer in the city!

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