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For many dogs, being washed and mucking about in water is wonderful, whilst others prefer to ignore our beckoning and just carry on playing. Ferplast has thought of everyone in designing the convenient Dog Shower, a hand-held spout for our four-legged friends that will make bathing much faster and more fun!

Fido’s cleanliness and hygiene deserve being given the utmost importance, which is why the Ferplast engineers developed the practical Dog Shower, perfect for creating a real showerhead that prevents water being splashed about all over the place.


It is a versatile showerhead, given that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. When it is cold outside or if you do not have a garden, the Dog Shower can be connected to the shower, sink or bathtub tap. During the warm weather when the sun is shining and you can stay outdoors, the Dog Shower can be connected to the garden tap. In this case, we can be more relaxed and Fido can move about freely even when wet!

dog_shower_doccia_ferplast doccino_dog_shower_ferplast_prezzo

The real gem is that this is a multifunction showerhead that can be filled with shampoo that, thanks to the practical button, is then distributed evenly along the animal’s coat. With the pre-set buttons, it is possible to dispense or block the water as needed.

collie_curare_pelo come_funziona_doccia_dog_shower_ferplast

The Dog Shower comes with an extra-long 150-cm flexible steel hose. This lets us decide where to direct the water jet and thus rinse the dog in total convenience, even on their snout, under the belly and between their legs. Not only that but, thanks to the rubber teeth, the showerhead is able to penetrate even the thickest of coats, removing all the foam and dirt in a few washes, whilst simultaneously giving our puppy a wonderful and relaxing massage!

dog_shower_ferplast_doccia_caratteristiche doccia_multifunzione_dog_shower_ferplast

This Dog Shower is able to considerably reduce washing time, rendering this moment enjoyable and special. Experience it for yourself!

collie_cane_razza_lavare_pelo lavare_collie_a_casa_consigliferplast_doccino_per_cane_dog_shower

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