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Choosing the cage for a gerbil requires attention and in-depth knowledge of the needs of the small rodent. It must be spacious and include everything you need – bed, games, drinking bottle, etc. – to allow him to live comfortably and safely. If you are about to buy one, read our buying guide!

The gerbil is a very active and curious animal, it loves wandering, sniffing, digging … So it will need a place large enough to be able to discharge its energies: always choose a spacious cage!

Types of homes for gerbils

The most popular is the cage which develops on two floors structured as follows: at the base a glass tank, above a structure in metal mesh. Thanks to this arrangement, the cage is spacious and deep and is designed precisely to allow the gerbil to run, dig, hide, as if it were in its natural habitat. Ferplast offers several models of this type:


Gerbils are skilled jumpers, so they must be kept in cages with high walls and equipped with abundant bedding, with nests, pipes and various hiding places. The models of cages for gerbils from the Gabry line by Ferplast meet these needs as they reproduce the natural environment of the rodent very well.
They are equipped with a metal mezzanine floor with a ladder and a steel bowl, as well as an indispensable drinker; inside there are transparent plastic pipes to let the little friend play. The presence of the transparent glass wall allows you to always keep the rodent under control, as well as containing the litter, and thanks to the doors that can be opened from the outside equipped with a safety closure system, we are sure not to let the pet escape.


The Karat cage is also made of glass, to offer a complete view of the rodent inside. The particular depth of the tank allows the animal to dig and hide in the sawdust. It is structured on several floors connected by ladders and the shelf is made of wood resistant to liquids, so that if a drop of water should go down it would not risk being damaged. The upper part of Karat is made of sturdy metal mesh with narrow pitch, treated with anti-corrosion paint, specially designed to guarantee rodents great safety, thus avoiding that they can pass through the bars.

There is a further type of cage for gerbils, as an alternative to the previous ones, the completely glass one.


The Itaca cage for rodents consists of a display case made entirely of float glass, a robust and transparent material that allows you to take care of your little friends and keep them under control at all times. The roof, made of painted metal grid, guarantees excellent internal ventilation, is equipped with a convenient opening door to facilitate normal cleaning operations. It offers a very large space to the gerbil, and is equipped with a stainless-steel bowl, drinking bottle, metal house and ladder.

Where to place the gerbil cage

The gerbil is not an animal that suffers from the heat, but it is advisable to place its cage away from the windows where direct sunlight can come from and above all where drafts could enter. Since he loves company very much, put his house in a passage room or in a room that you often visit in order to regularly check and keep him company.

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