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It has been a very different March from all the others of our lives and that we will remember forever. Nevertheless, anyone who has a pet at home has found great comfort in seeing him swing or purr around the house. For many of us animals are an integral part of the family, for others they are the family itself. We are sure that they are contributing to the serenity of many who are alone at home or have become even more the playmates of young and old.

Having a lot of time to stay at home allows us to take better care of them, to spend all day in their company, making short walks outdoors near the house or pampering them on the sofa and having lunch together.

We at Ferplast also join in the #STAYATHOME call, adding “always in the company of our four-legged friends”!

Here are the shots that we liked the most and that deserve to be shared on our Ferplast Blog.







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