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The hamster is a small rodent who usually spends most of the day … sleeping! This is because it is a night animal that prefers to be active especially when the sun goes down. Playing is his favorite activity.

During the day the hamster normally sleeps soundly, wakes up occasionally to drink or eat some seeds. It is very important not to wake him up and this must also be a rule for the children of the family who take care of him. At sunset, however, he wakes up showing all his liveliness. It is at this moment that we can interact and play with him, also letting him get out of his habitat, if possible.

The ideal habitat of the hamster

Tunnels, bedding for creating tunnels and wheels for running, this is the ideal habitat for the hamster. At night the little rodent eats, makes reservations, nibbles vegetables and sticks, digs and runs.

The hamster needs booth horizontal space and vertical space  in order to move, and a soft bedding that allows him to carry out his natural activity: dig! It must be placed on the bottom of his cage with a thickness of at least 3 cm so that he can dig and create secret galleries, having a lot of fun.

The ideal hamster’s house must contain a wheel where he can practice sports and tubes inside which to run for several kilometers every night. Obviously, there is no lack of manger, feeding bowl, drinker and plastic pipes to guarantee great fun.

The importance of playing for the hamster

It is very important to provide our little rodent with pastimes and games to do during the night when we are sleeping. You can make your hamster happy just by giving it an adequate space like that of Ferplast’s COMBI 2, a hamster cage equipped with all comforts, spacious and connected to an external  GYM, which allows the little one to stay in shape.

It is a very airy cage, in thermoplastic resin with a transparent roof and a grid of varnishes metal on the roof to allow excellent internal ventilation. Like all Ferplast rodent habitats, Combi 2 is modular, which means it can be expanded with the addition of pipes and housing modules, always creating new paths and play areas.

Runningin the wheel takes up a lot of the time of the rodent, for this reason it must be of adequate size for him. As happens to us humans, hamsters also feel the need to exercise to avoid gaining weight, but it is also useful for their mental well-being. In fact, they use the wheel as a real relief valve, avoiding the accumulation of stress.

Last but not least, don’t forget to provide them with wooden gnaws or toys to chew on, they are of fundamental importance for the health and hygiene of their teeth.

Are you ready to welcome a small rodent into your home? It will give you so much joy to observe him and will become a nice friend for your children.

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