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Funny, hairy and so likeable, domestic rodents are pets that should not be underestimated. These little creatures are ideal for people who want a pet that is not too demanding and they are also perfect for anyone wanting to get closer to the world of animals, by learning to take care of and getting to know the needs of another living being. Let’s find out about some of these little whiskered friends!


Small and industrious, hamsters are suitable for people who do not have much space at home or much time during the day: in fact, they are mainly active during the evening and at night, when people who are out all day return home. They are very lively and active and, when they are not resting in their nest, you can watch them roaming around looking for food or stretching their legs on the wheel.

There are various species of hamsters and you need to be careful if you put more than one of them together. They are quite territorial and quarrelsome, especially golden hamsters, and they risk seriously injuring themselves. It is best to get a very spacious cage with several little houses if you want to keep more than one hamster. These little animals live for 2 or 3 years on average and need a varied diet: not just seeds, but also vegetables, unsweetened wholegrain cereals and proteins, like little pieces of hardboiled egg, for example. They love to keep themselves clean, so you too should help them by cleaning their cage regularly!

spacious cage for hamsters

Favola: hamster cage with high bottom


Chipmunks are incredibly lively: in fact, as you will see, they are always on the move! Unlike the hamster, the chipmunk is active during the day and is therefore suited to people who spend at least a few hours at home during the day. This solitary animal doesn’t tolerate the presence of others of the same species very well: if you wish to keep more than one, it is best to get a very spacious cage with several feeding troughs, in order to avoid quarrels. No matter what, the chipmunk needs space and a high cage, accessorized with several shelves and branches for him to jump on. Despite being small, this rodent has a fairly long lifespan and can live to over 10 years of age.

chipmunk cage

Scoiattoli KD: chipmunk cage


There are a thousand good reasons for adopting a gerbil: they are particularly docile, curious and active by day. They are also very resistant to diseases and they do not smell. Gerbils are social animal, so it is advisable to keep at least a couple or several of the same sex. These creatures can live to a maximum of 5 years and require a specific living arrangement, which differs from that of the other little rodents: they need to dig, so their cage must have a high base that should be filled with materials like hay and sawdust.

gerbil cage by Ferplast

Gabry: gerbil cage

There are rodents for all tastes, from those that are a little bigger, like guinea pigs and chinchillas, to these littler ones that are active during the day or at night and can be kept on their own or in company. However, they all need a few fundamental things: your care and your affection. So, which one is your favourite?

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