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The pet shop is not always available for everyone, or whenever we want. We can often find a way to wash our dog at home. It can be quite an enterprise, but if we follow a few practical tips, it can become a fun moment in the company of our best friend.

Toto’s hygiene must be taken seriously, and baths must become part of his routine since his puppy days – at least from his third month of life onwards, the perfect time to start getting him used to contact with water.


Dogs need washing mostly to get rid of unpleasant odours and to remove dead fur. No need to overdo it; once every 20-30 days is enough, otherwise the skin can become too dry and therefore more sensitive to aggression by external agents, such as bacteria or parasites. For the same reason, it’s important to use specialised dog products that are delicate and non-invasive.


Start by making sure that the water is in the right temperature, lukewarm and never above 35° C. To get your friend used to the sensation, start playing with him, cautiously wetting his paws while distracting him with his favourite game, never forcing him to anything as that would probably traumatise him and make it impossible to ever bathe him again. Dogs are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so pay particular attention to the place where you decide to wash him: avoid draughts and places with too much ventilation.


For a perfect bath, use a sponge or a rubber currycomb. Soap the dog up with shampoo and rub him well, then wait a few minutes before rinsing. It’s also a good idea to brush the dog before the bath in order to remove excess fur. To avoid otitis, be very careful when washing the area around the ears, and don’t let water in.


After rinsing your friend with warm water, it’s time to dry him: a soft towel and a quick go with a hairdryer are enough. Be particularly careful during winter, as your dog’s undercoat should be perfectly dry to avoid unpleasant ailments.


In the summer, wash your friend outdoors, if you can. With the help of accessories such as Ferplast’s Dog Splash, things get more fun and easy: this tub is made of sturdy plastic and silicone, has a maximum capacity of 30 litres and a comfortable, roomy rounded shape. To make it even better, its drain stopper is also a temperature indicator: if it’s blue, it means the water’s warm; if it turns white, the water’s too hot. When not in use, Dog Splash can be folded to reduce its volume to a minimum.

vasca-da-bagno-per-cani-ripiegabile-dog-splash-ferplast vasca-da-bagno-per-cani-dog-splash-ferplast

Now you’re ready for a lovely afternoon of fun and water games with plenty of soap bubbles! Not having fun is not an option.

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