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Sleeping with your cat is healthy: this has been confirmed by the Centre for Sleep Disorders of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Some people love sharing their beds with their pets, while others think it’s not healthy. Now science has proven that sleeping with your pet is good for your health.

According to studies carried out by this important centre for sleep disorders, sleeping with your cat or dog is beneficial for your health. If you already do it on a regular basis, you know that sharing your bed with your furry friend is a habit difficult to give up for you, and practically impossible to convince your pet to give up after only a couple of times they’re allowed to get on the bed. Some kittens are not exactly calm sleepers and move around a lot in their sleep, while others curl up against their owners and sleep through the night.

So, why is it OK to sleep with your cat? According to the studies published on Mayo Clinical Proceedings, pet owners who usually sleep with their pets feel more protected, more relaxed, and sleep better. Forty-one per cent of subjects interviewed declared sleeping better in the company of their dog or cat.

The physical presence of a pet helps its owner relax, both physically and mentally. The effect is even more remarkable when the owner is single, as having your furry friend with you in your bed helps you overcome solitude and anxiety. To wake up happy and relaxed, try sharing your bed with your kitten, who, we’re willing to bet, will not refuse the offer.


If you can’t wait to make room in your bed for your cat or your dog, Ferplast has the perfect item: create a corner for your pet by placing a small comforter just for him/her, such as NANNA blanket by Ferplast, with a thin layer of inner padding, perfect for pleasant naps. Suitable for all seasons, it’s double-faced, with one side made of cotton, perfect for spring and summer, and one in warm plush, for the colder months. It’s also easy to keep clean, as it’s machine-washable at low temperatures. The perfect comforter for cats is NANNA 70, the right size to provide your friend with his/her own corner in your bed.

Are you still unsure about whether you should allow your pet to sleep with you? We’re absolutely sure you should. Sweet dreams!

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