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Coniglio ariete nano con la padrona
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Adopting a rabbit and choosing him as a pet is an increasingly popular decision.

We asked Davide and Marika from Allevamento Biancarota (Treviso, Italy) to tell us why.

Why adopting a rabbit is a good idea?

Rabbits are affectionate animals that can give you a lot of satisfaction. They require less commitment than cats and dogs but they need constant care too. That’s why, when you adopt a rabbit from Davide and Marika, they provide all the advice and suggestions you need to create the perfect habitat and ensure a good diet to the new family member.

Who is the rabbit as a pet suitable for?

The choice of adopting a rabbit can give a lot of satisfaction to anyone who wants to share their life with an animal that gives emotions and moments to remember. In fact, rabbits, when raised as pets, are perfect for families and kids.

Watch the video to find out why adopting a rabbit could be the right choice for you too.

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