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Ferplast toelettatura coniglio spazzolare
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Rabbit grooming is a fundamental operation for your pet’s well-being and must be carried out regularly. That is why it is really important to equip yourself with all the necessary tools to facilitate these operations and not risk hurting them.

Read on to discover some valuable tips on grooming your rabbit and the best Ferplast products to choose from!

Brushing the rabbit

Brushing your rabbit is very important to remove excess fur. They are animals that constantly cleans themselves, thereby ingesting hair. Brushing them limits ingestion and helps to maintain a shiny, dirt-free coat. 

It is recommended that you brush your rabbit every three days, except during moulting periods, when you will need to do it daily.

Here are some tools that can help you!

Ferplast toelettatura coniglio spazzola GRO

Brushes for rabbits

You will first need a brush suitable for any hair type, such as Gro 5759. It is equipped with polyamide bristles that provide a stimulating massage while ensuring easy combing. A must-have tool for proper grooming of your rabbit. 

You will also need a carding brush such as Gro 4949, ideal for grooming rabbit undercoats. Equipped with sturdy plastic teeth that make it gentle on your pet’s skin, it helps to remove dead hair, keeping the fur impeccable and facilitating subsequent combing.


The node cutter is an indispensable tool for removing knots from the undercoat and helping you brush the hair. You can opt for Gro 4968 by Ferplast. The solid stainless steel blades allow you to cut with precision and are resharpenable. This product should be used with caution, especially around delicate areas such as the girth, back of thigh and ears. 

Ferplast toelettatura coniglio taglianodi GRO

Your rabbit’s ears and eyes

When grooming your rabbit, don’t forget to also check and clean its ears and eyes. To best cleanse these two very delicate areas you can use a cotton wool pad, or special wipes such as Genico Fresh by Ferplast. They carry out an effective deodorising action as they are soaked in a perfumed, alcohol-free solution: in this way, they are particularly delicate and not irritating at all. 

Your rabbit’s nails

At least once a week, remember to check and cut your rabbit’s nails. You can help yourself with specific scissors such as Gro 5984. However, as this is a delicate operation, it is advisable to consult your vet for the first time so that you understand how to proceed.

Grooming your rabbit? Rely on Ferplast products, they will be valuable allies in helping you care for your little pet!

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