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Ferplast cane snack vegetariano Thor
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Have you ever thought that your dog needs proper oral health, just like his human parent? Indeed, the well-being of his body is also closely linked to the hygiene and cleanliness of his mouth and teeth!

In this article you will find a few tricks to keep your dog’s oral health at its best and all the best Ferplast products that will be your valuable allies!

Your dog’s oral health tools

Taking care of your dog’s oral health is important not only to avoid bad breath and unpleasant odours, but also to prevent inflammation and more serious problems. 

Proper oral hygiene is achieved first and foremost through consistency, by dedicating at least twice a week. 

Choose the tools that suit you best and that the dog appreciates the most!

Toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs

A smile is important! Take care of your dog’s teeth with Ferplast’s Gro 5939 toothbrush. It is ideal for all sizes and thanks to its long handle you will be able to easily reach even the innermost teeth, while the bristles of different sizes will help to clean and remove plaque. You can then choose from many toothpaste flavours created especially for even the most demanding canine mouths!

Supplements to maintain oral health

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are also supplements for dogs that are perfect for maintaining proper oral hygiene! These are perfect for combating plaque and tartar and preventing bad breath.

Ferplast cane snack igiene Goodbite Natural Bone

Dental snacks for dogs

Dental snacks are a great way to ensure proper oral hygiene for your dog!

Ferplast’s new 100% snack product range are  vegetarian dental snacks help remove plaque and significantly reduce tartar build-up.

Moreover, they not only offer benefits for oral hygiene, but have been specially formulated to meet different needs thanks to their functional ingredients. You can choose between the anti-halitosis snack, the ones to promote intestinal health, the stool odour control snack, the ones with a relaxing effect and finally the ones to promote joint health. 

If, on the other hand, your dog is a real sweet tooth but you don’t want to alter his daily diet, you can choose Goodbite Natural, a wide range of Ferplast dental toys flavoured with various aromas such as ham, beef, cereals and chicken to be even more attractive!

They are based on natural, non-toxic and biodegradable components and do not provide any nutrients because they are expertly processed so that they are not metabolised by the body when ingested.

Take care of your dog’s oral health and choose the right Ferplast products for your pet! 

Ferplast cane snack vegetariano

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