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One of the first difficulties we face when we decide to adopt a puppy is potty training him so that he learns to “use the loo” in a certain spot at home or in the garden, or outside the home.

Puppies are usually 3 months old when adopted, and their vaccination schedule hasn’t been completed yet. This means that taking him for a walk outside where other dogs usually walk is not a good idea – your buddy’s immune system is not quite ready yet, which means no walks outside, which means potty training. For this purpose, the market offers useful pee pads where your dog can “go” after he’s properly trained.


There are two different methods to convince your furry friend to pee on the pad. It may take a while for him to learn, and that’s ok: you’ll need a lot of patience and consistent behaviour, so don’t get angry. Remember that the more time you spend time with your dog, the earlier he’ll learn, just like parents and their children.


The first method involves identifying where and when. Dogs tend to select a spot for their toilet needs, usually far from their house and their food bowls. All you have to do is to place the pad in the spot your dog has already chosen himself, and congratulate him saying “Good boy!”, rewarding him with caresses or with treats whenever he uses the pad.


The second method is all about encouragement. You’ll need to keep an eye open to figure out what time your dog usually pees or poos (usually after eating, playing or napping): you’ll notice that he’ll start to industriously sniff around. When you see it coming, take him to the pad and egg him on, repeating “pee”, or “poo”, “good boy”, so that your dog will associate the word to the action.


There’s no such thing as the best method: it will depend on your puppy’s personality. If he tends to get scared easily, the first option may be better, as he may become fearful and traumatised if carried or pulled to the pad.


Ferplast’s Genico pee pads are available in three sizes, and can be fixed to the floor using their own stickers, or placed inside Ferplast’s practical Hygienic Pad Tray.


Ferplast’s tray is very practical, as the pad remains fixed inside it even when it’s soggy. To replace the pad or to remove a soiled one, just lift the two side flaps and then the removable frame. Easy as pie.

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Are you ready to start potty training your puppy?

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