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For many people, goldfish are their first contact with the wonderful world of fish. Just think of how many of us used to have a goldfish as kids and grew our pets in small tanks with plenty of love but very little knowledge of their exact needs. This article will cover the history and the main characteristics and needs of goldfish.

This very ancient fish is known all over the world. It belongs to the carp family and is originally from Asia. Goldfish farming was first undertaken in China, where the first specimens were bred as early as in the 16th century. It later got to Japan, where a more careful and accurate breeding system helped make it an even more refined species.

Japanese goldfish have very particular characteristics and are submitted to very strict selection criteria. Thanks to their bright red colour and their particular shape, they immediately become a reference point in any fish tank. They can also live happily in outdoor ponds.

Goldfish are very easy to care for. They’ll eat pretty much anything, live or dry food alike, and require no active heating for their tanks. Water temperature should remain between 4° C and 28° C.

Goldfish need movement – this means they must never be kept in overly small tanks. Larger tanks, such as Ferplast’s Dubai line, have the additional advantage of ensuring a more stable ecosystem for your little friend.

dubai water tank by ferplast

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