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Gatto in vacanza in un hotel pet friendly
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The growing desire to take our pets on holiday has increased the number of hotels that welcome the entire pet family. To be defined as a “pet friendly hotel” a hotel must have some special facilities. Let’s see which ones.

Pet-friendly hotels are a growing reality as more and more families are taking their pets on holiday. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, hotels have to be prepared to provide a whole series of services, which are must-haves. To be pet friendly, for example, it is not enough to allow small dogs to stay, but all kind of pets should be welcomed. Gatto in vacanza nel trasportino Atlas Open di Ferplast

Pet-friendly hotels: niche tourism?

The pet-friendly hotels market can no longer be classified as a niche tourism. Pets are now considered real members of families, therefor they are involved in all activities, including holidays. The trend is constantly expanding, with 50 % of pet owners taking their pets with them on holiday. Despite this, however, there are still too few truly pet-friendly hotels in the market.

The characteristics of a pet-friendly hotel

To be defined as such, a pet-friendly hotel must meet certain basic requirements. First of all, large animals must be allowed to stay in. In fact, owners of large dogs often have difficulties in finding a facility that will welcome them.Cane riposa su cuscino Ferplast

In addition to free access to the facility, it is necessary to be able to count on veterinary assistance at all times in the event of sudden problems. Another very appreciated service is the pet sitter: useful for when you want to enjoy a dinner or a special experience not suitable for your furry friends.

According to customers’ opinions, it is important that a pet friendly hotel has the following additional features facilities:

  • outdoor space dedicated;
  • pet-friendly beach nearby;
  • room with a small balcony;
  • water bowl, kennel and a welcome pet-kit with snacks and toys provided.

Cane in vacanza in un hotel pet friendly

As well as providing services, it is essential to define regulations and possible restrictions. It is necessary to establish the prices, which should could vary according to the size of the animal, the hygiene rules and the responsibilities to be attributed to pet parents in case of damage. It is also important to place all rooms offering these services on the same floor, so that owners can get to know each other and cooperate so as not to disturb other hotel guests.

Pet-friendly hotels: extra services

As with all other, pet-friendly hotels can provide extra services. These include: trekking routes and organized excursions, massages and grooming, swimming pools and private beaches.Cane al mare con gioco acquatico di Ferplast

Pet-friendly hotels are the new frontier of holidays with pets and give us the chance to enjoy our holidays with the whole family together.

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