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Dogs love the sea and the beach, diving into the waves and digging holes in the sand, but it is essential to keep them under control, because in the heat of fun they can face some dangers. What are these dangers and what precautions should be taken?

There is nothing that makes dogs happy more than a ride on the shore (if you have not seen the reaction of these puppies saved from the kennel on their first outing to the sea, we suggest you fix it here). However, when you go to the beach with your dog, in addition to being well informed on which beaches you can access or not, you must be prepared on the possible risks that the four-legged could face: sand, sea and heat in fact hide more than one pitfall for dogs.

Dog at the sea: dangers in the sand

Why is sand dangerous to the dog? The sand is hot, therefore the delicate fingertips of the hairy in contact with it could burn. For this reason, it is good to ensure the dog has shaded areas and avoid letting him walk for a long time on the hot surface.

The sand is home to many mites and parasites that could cause dermatitis and minor problems in Rex, which can however be prevented by making the dog the necessary antiparasitic treatments in spray or vials. In addition to skin irritations, eye problems must also be taken into consideration: the grains of sand that end up in the eyes are annoying for us humans, let alone for an animal! This is the reason why we advise you to always rinse the dog well from the return from the beach with fresh water and to comb it in order to eliminate any residues that are stuck in the fur. Ferplast offers different models of brushes for every type of coat and need.

Another category at risk is that of gluttonous dogs: those who cannot resist putting everything in their mouths could find shells, pebbles, rubbish abandoned by the uncivilized among the sand, such as butts, pieces of plastic or glass, which ingested could irritate the throat and intestines and then hurt the darling.

Dog and salt water of the sea

Dogs who love to spend hours swimming in the water may run into some risks deriving from contact or accidental ingestion of salt water. In fact, if they drink too much sea water, the risk is that they may have intestinal problems that lead to vomiting and diarrhea. In this case it is sufficient to rehydrate the dog with fresh and clean tap water.

Sea water can cause annoying ear infections and dermatitis: to prevent both pathologies, the best thing to do is to try to dry Rex carefully after each bath. Watch out for the jellyfish: as they sting us humans, they can sting the dog too. However, if you believe that your four-legged friend is not fine, consult your vet as soon as possible.

Dog and high temperatures: heat stroke

This is not a specific danger on the beach, but a risk that the dog runs in the sun for a long time: the heat stroke. Wet his head every now and then, always try to leave him a shaded space under the beach umbrella and fill the bowl with fresh water, hydration is essential to not make the dog suffer because of the heat.

Our intention is absolutely not to give up beach holidays with the dog, but to do so by trying to remain as vigilant as possible to protect the health of the faithful friend!

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