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Heat is particularly risky for our four-legged friends. However, some breeds, both large and small, tolerate heat better than others.

Dogs are prone to heat stroke and dehydration in summer, despite their ability to thermoregulate. All dogs protect themselves from the sun through their fur, which protects their skin from sunburn. However, certain breeds of small, medium and large dogs are more resistant to heat than others, due to their origins, morphology and attitudes.

Common characteristics of heat-tolerant dogs

The heat-tolerant dog breeds share several characteristics, let’s see which ones.

Short coat

Usually, the dogs that suffer the least are short-haired dogs. Short-haired dogs are more prone to other heat’s consequences, such as sunburn. In fact, it’s not recommended to cut a dog’s hair very short in summer, even if it seems to us that the dog is cooler that way.Cucciolo di bracco gioca con gioco Ferplast

Long muzzle

Another characteristic of dogs that tolerate heat well is the long muzzle. This helps them to tolerate high temperatures, because panting gives the hot air that enters the breathing passages time to cool down before it reaches the lungs. Their phenotypic composition is the result of an evolution that enables them to withstand the heat. They are generally breeds coming from warm countries.

In contrast, flat-faced dogs such as pugs or bulldogs find it more difficult to withstand high temperatures and the risk of cardiorespiratory problems is very high.

Heat-resistant small dog breeds

Among the small dog breeds that tolerate heat the best there are:

  • Coton de Tulear, native from Madagascar: the thick white coat and fringe and the black pigmentation on the eyes and nose protect them from the sun;
  • Bichon and the Maltese, thanks to their white coat, can withstand the most intense heat;
  • Poodles: not having an undercoat, they suffer from cold, but not particularly from the heat;
  • Jack Russell Terrier and Fox Terrier: thanks to their short coat and long muzzle, they can tolerate the summer heat well and do not lose their active nature.Bichon, razza di cane che sopporta il caldo

Medium-sized dogs that like hot weather

Medium-sized dogs are also not afraid of heat. For example:

  • Basenji: a small to medium-sized breed native to central Africa with a long, arched neck and erect, pointed ears. Perhaps it’s because of their hunting nature that they are particularly fond of heat.
  • The medium-sized Schnauzer: Due to the shorter coat on the back, he can withstand the heat well. Basenji, razza di cane che sopporta il caldo

Heat-resistant large breeds of dog

Contrary to what you might think, some large dogs also like heat.

  • Hunting dogs: the Bracco, Hungarian and Italian, which are easily adapted to different climates due to their endurance.
  • Molossoid dogs: the Corsican dog and the Argentine dogo.
  • Golden Retriever and Labrador are water-loving dog breeds that despite their long hair, tolerate heat well.Golden Retriever, razza di cane che sopporta il caldo

Be careful with dogs, even if they like hot weather

Although these dog breeds are not particularly sensitive to heat, you should never let your guard down. It’s important to avoid exposing your dog to the sun during the hottest hours of the day and to make sure that he always has fresh water to quench his thirst. For Fido’s hydration, you can use Ferplast’s dispensers, such as Azimut and Nadir, which are also perfect when you are out of home. If you are out and about with him, on the other hand, you can take the travel water bottle or the silicone bowl with you, convenient and space-saving.

Finally, it’s a good idea for your dog to always have a shady place to hide in the summer to avoid the risk of heat stroke.Schanauzer, razza di cane che sopporta il caldo

Heat-loving breeds of dog are less susceptible to the typical risks of this season, but you should never neglect their needs, even if, on the surface, heat seems to be their natural element.

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