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Cats are twilight animals, very active at sunrise and sunset, even if there are also other reasons why your cat wakes you up in the morning to get out of bed. The remedies for this small problem exist, here’s how.

It is quite normal for your cat to wake you up in the morning, you have not been unlucky to have adopted a morning cat. Like most animals, it is very sensitive and regulates its biorhythm according to the sunlight. For this reason, in the spring and summer periods it is easy for the early morning to be more restless. As soon as the sun rises, it is day for him and it is time for purring, food, games and pampering.

Reasons why the cat wakes you up

Below we list the most frequent reasons that cause the cat to wake up before the alarm sounds:

– he is hungry, perhaps he hasn’t eaten for too many hours and wants a little biscuit;
– he’s sick, are you sure he’s okay? If he doesn’t do it often, it could be a signal to tell you that something is wrong;
– wants to attract your attention, you have probably activated wrong behavior in him. If he meows and you usually feed him or cuddle him, for him it is a way to get food or caresses, associating the meow with the positive reinforcement of the biscuits or cuddles;
– wants to interact with you and then starts purring you, it’s his way of showing affection.

It seems crazy but the cat knows when you will wake up. He still hasn’t learned to read our watch, but according to on your breathing and heart rate, he knows which stage of sleep you are in. Have you ever noticed that he always comes to wake you up before the alarm rings?

How not to get woken by the cat

1-Lower the shutters and make the room as dark as possible.
In this way it will be difficult to understand if it is day and therefore the time has come to become active again.
2- Avoid getting too bored. During the day the cat does not have to spend all its time dozing, but must be kept in training with interactive games, which allow it to unleash its innate talent as a predator. In this regard you can tire him with interactive games for cats such as Typhone  or Turbine by Ferplast, a modular circuit with a luminous ball.


The kitty will have a lot of fun chasing the trail of light! Even electronic games like Ferplast’s Crazy Ball help him stay active, it is perfect for entertaining him, keeping him always snappy and in perfect health. It consists of a resealable nylon bag with a button ball inside which, once turned on, will start to move randomly, stimulating its predatory instinct. 

3- Feed him before going to bed and do not feed him immediately on waking to change his behavior or what he expects of you. In other words, try to teach him a new routine and new habits.

4- Do not respond to meowing or purring with caresses. Unfortunately, the cat understands only positive reinforcement and at the right time. This means that if he wakes you up and you respond with a caress, then he will think that’s right. If, on the other hand, you start to ignore him and pay attention to him when he is calm, he will associate caresses with his serene behavior.

We would advise against closing the kitty outside the bedroom if his habit was to sleep with you or move freely around the house. The cat has a complex psychology and locking him out of the room could trigger opposite reactions in him.

Hopefully these tips will help you sleep soundly and longer.

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