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Gattino dorme sopra la chitarra
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Have you ever thought about letting your feline friends listen to cat music? As men and women love to relax with background music, recent studies have confirmed that cats find peace and relax to the sound of vocalizations and purring too.

Due gattini sopra il pianoforte

Cats and music, scientific research

Charles Snowdon from the Wisconsin University and his team of researchers have studied the musical inclination of domestic cats. They analyzed cats’ normal sound emissions, established their frequencies and created music on this basis. They then submitted the result to a sample of felines. These furry ones, listening to the melody created using the vocalizing and purring, reacted positively, approaching each other in an increasingly affectionate and sociable way.

It therefore made it clear that cats have preferences and are sensitive to a certain type of music too.

Gatto guarda il giradischi

When is it useful to make cats listen to music?

The arrival of a child or another animal, the presence of an object in the house, particular noises, a simple change in routine, a new bed or a visit to the vet can become a source of stress for your cat. There are many ways to help him overcome anxiety and tension, one of them is to make him listen to cat music.

Gatto vicino alla cuccia

Cats’ favorite sounds

Cats have a very strong sense of hearing, which is useful on various occasions, especially when hunting. This also means that they are very demanding when it comes to music!

Gatto bianco con le cuffie

A cat will hardly appreciate rock, indeed it is likely that just hearing a note of a rock song he will lose patience. Dr. Susan Wagner, a specialist in music therapy for animals, a doctor of integrative medicine at MedVet Columbus and professor at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine confirms that. Cats find classical music more interesting, probably because of the vibrations it emits, particularly Chopin’s, which has a calming effect, and Bach’s, as it encourages them to play.

Gatto nero davanti al pianoforte

However, the sounds that have a greater anti-stress effect on cats are others. Human beings are fond of rhythms that resemble those of their heartbeat and frequencies similar to those of their voices. Cats, on the other hand, love frequencies that follow the feline vocal range, which is higher than the human one.

Cats can therefore appreciate music, when it is composed taking into account their sensory system. Using for example sounds chosen in the octave in which they meow, sweet melodies that hide the almost imperceptible noise of purring and licking between the notes.

Gatto ascolta la musica

Test it with your cat, there are playlists entirely dedicated to cat music on both Youtube and Spotify!

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