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Budgerigars, or budgies, are a beloved type of parrot and are becoming very popular as pets. Getting its cage ready for arrival is easy, the important thing is to chose a spacious one and provide it with all the accessories so that it will live a happy life with you. Here are some easy and useful tips!

Choosing your new budgie’s cage

Picking out the right cage is simple: the bigger, the better! Although a cage is a restriction to any bird’s freedom, it is a necessary accessory. And remember you can let it out at times to perch on an external pedestal. This will allow it to interact with its surroundings and human family. The cage should be placed in a room where the temperature is constant, away from direct sunlight, far from doors and windows that could be the source of draughts. The best room is one that can be easily darkened.

Ferplast’s Ibiza Open is the perfect cage for a budgie. Spacious, it is made of safe materials like a wire exterior and a plastic bottom tray. The tray can be removed for easy cleaning. Ibiza Open also has a special frontal opening equipped with a perch.

Why are perches important for budgies?

Providing your budgie with perches and stands of all kinds and diameters is absolutely essential. Ferplast’s Ibiza Open has a variety of rubber-clad plastic perches that exercise foot muscles and prevent toe problems, help the bird get around the cage and provide it with a comfortable sleeping perch.

Food and water, bowls and dishes

Budgies should always have fresh clean water available to them, along with a sufficient amount of food. Both should be tended to daily. Seeing as budgies like to bathe, you should also provide it with a small tub of fresh clean water, or better yet Ferplast’s Trevi bird bath. It will love it! Another vital accessory the cage should have is a cuttlefish bone. This will let it file and clean its beak, as well as providing it with all the calcium a budgie needs.

Budgie toys

Aside from being very good climbers, budgies love anything that shines and sparkles, tinkles and moves. So it needs to have swings, robes, stairs, mirrors and the like to have some fun on! Not only does it keep the budgie happily busy, it will also keep it mentally stable and physically healthy and strong.

One of the best things about Ferplast’s Ibiza Open cage is that it already comes with two of these features: a swing and a mirror. Still, it’s a good idea to change its playthings from time to time to offer it new and exciting stimulus.

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