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Dogs need more than a healthy diet, exercise and medicine to thrive – they need to have fun too! Among the many essential play-things he enjoys are chew toys, great for dogs of all ages and sizes for a variety of reasons. What are they and what is their purpose?

Chewing toys provide two important benefits: on the one hand the mechanical action of chewing helps keep teeth strong and healthy, while on the other hand dogs really enjoy playing with them! There are numerous types of chew toys on the market today, but the most innovative and functional ones are Ferplast’s GoodBite Natural line. Shaped like a bone, a helix or as sticks, they are made of all-natural ingredients derived from corn starch, do not affect your dog’s diet in any way and are made all the more appealing with irresistible flavours.

Dog chew toys and oral hygiene

Your dog’s teeth need to be cared for and cleaned to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation. Your four-legged buddy should be encouraged to chew specifically designed toys which, through the act of chewing, help clean your dog’s gums and remove food residue trapped between its teeth.

Ferplast’s GoodBite Natural chew toys are highly effective in keeping teeth clean and gums healthy, as well as strengthening your dog’s jaws. Furthermore, these cute bone-shaped toys are great for puppies as they lose their baby teeth and grow in their adult teeth because by chewing on something hard, puppies can alleviate their teething pains.

Dog chew toys and fun

Chew toys provide dogs with lots of fun, which is also important! Chewing on something increases a dog’s sense of security, and it also provides him with something to do when it can’t play with you.

These toys are also important as they are great stress relievers too. In fact, while chewing, the dog can indulge his basic chewing instinct and thus becomes a calmer pet. Not only, but the production of serotonin is stimulated and thus its levels of cortisol and adrenalin, both stress hormones, are lowered and make way for wellness hormones that give the dog a sense of relaxation and wellness.

Ferplast GoodBite Natural chew toys

So, what are the very best chew toys for your dog? If you are looking for a product that can provide all of the important benefits listed above, then your best choice is Ferplast’s line of GoodBite Natural chewing toys!

Ferplast makes them with 100% natural, non-toxic, biodegradable components which, if accidently swallowed, the dog’s stomach acids turn into a soft gelatinous substance that is not metabolised. What this means is that, unlike traditional doggie dental treats, the toys will not add calories to your dog’s diet or make it gain weight.  Not only, but the toys make for stronger and cleaner teeth, they encourage playfulness and are great stress relievers too!

Ferplast GoodBite Natural chew toys come in 3 different shapes, 6 sizes and 6 delicious flavours so that your dog can have hours of healthy and tasty fun!

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