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Interactive toys for dogs are essential to stimulate their mental abilities. Their brain is in fact receptive. This means that it is possible to stimulate their mental abilities with a little training. 

Why using interactive toys for dogs?

Many interactive mind-activating toys are can be used by both adult dogs and puppies. This is because, besides stimulating our pets’ concentration and education, they have many other advantages. For example:

  • they stimulate problem solving: they increase the ability for our pets to independently solve problems that they encounter. This skill increases both self-esteem and self-confidence; 
  • they are an excellent pastime, especially to hyperactive dogs, to release their excess energy;
  • they are a good companion for all dogs who spend a lot of time alone;
  • they control and manage the stress that our pet can feel in unpleasant situations;
  • they help dogs to better manage boredom and separation anxiety from their pet-parent;
  • finally, they also strengthen the autonomous reasoning of dogs. 

Which interactive toys should you choose?

Interactive toys were created with the aim of increasing the dexterity of our four-legged friends by stimulating their innate curiosity. With this in mind, Ferplast has created the Clever & Happy range of interactive toys for dogs, a wide and diverse range perfect for active and happy animals.

H3: Clever & Happy toys

Carousel: it is an interactive toy that helps the dog overcome moments of boredom through physical and mental exercise that keeps him in good health. Its functioning is very simple: the game delivers biscuits as it rolls and bounces. It is also made of solid plastic, with a transparent lid that allows the curious animal to see the food inside.

Poker: Poker is a fun interactive toy with closable dry food hiding spaces that force the animal to eat more slowly, while stimulating its predatory instincts. In addition, it is provided with a non-slip base that helps the stability of the product. 

Trea: Another interesting interactive toy for dogs is Trea. It is a hard plastic product inside which you can hide dry food. It would be ideal to be able to play together with Buddy in order to strengthen the pet parent-pup relationship. By doing so, the dog will be truly gratified and his desire to play will increase.

Duo: stimulates both mental and physical exercise that is favoured by the revolving hard plastic lid that hides the food for the animal. Only by guessing the exact combination the dog will be able to eat the treats. 

All toys from the Clever & Happy line can be used alone or together.

In conclusion, interactive toys for dogs are certainly a great solution to let our pets enjoy their time alone. However, these toys certainly do not replace the presence and love that only every pet-parent can give to their furry friend! 

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