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To keep your dog’s mind busy and, above all, in form, we at Ferplast have created the Clever & Happy range of interactive games that are fun and useful pastimes able to develop Fido’s cognitive skills. Not only are these games for dogs a good excuse to spend time together, they also strengthen your bond!

Dogs are a very sharp and sagacious animals by nature and these mental games are the perfect way to encourage their intelligence. Of course, we don’t have to force Fido to spend the whole day in front of these objects – in order to feel good, he also needs walks and runs in the open air. In any case, it is just as important for us humans to move our body and train our brain in the same way.

Which interactive games to choose

Amongst the must-have games in Ferplast’s Clever & Happy range are:


Trea is a game of skill, with hiding places for kibble in order to stimulates the predator instincts of the animal. Made of sturdy plastic, its base has non-slip suction cups to ensure maximum stability. Try it out by hiding inviting treats inside and then close the sliding covers. Upon detecting the smell of his favourite food, Fido will immediately start searching for a way to extract the treat!


Explorer stimulates a canine’s predisposition for hunting, promoting physical and mental exercises, and also helps the dog eat more slowly. Simply insert his food into the kibble holes before sliding the covers closed or place a tasty morsel inside the fun routes. Using his paws to interact with the game, your best friend will devise a way to reach the treats, knowing that a welcome reward awaits him!


Poker works in a similar way to the previous games. Simply insert the kibble into the appropriate holes then close the sliding covers. Operating them with his paws, your pooch will be able to open the covers to find a marvellous morsel to enjoy! Made of sturdy plastic, the game is equipped with anti-slip pads on the base, so your pet does not risk overturning it in haste.

The advantages of interactive games for dogs

Mental activation games are suitable for four-legged friends of all sizes and breeds, as they stimulate and train the dog’s mind, helping him to release excess energy whilst distracting and entertaining him. By playing with these pastimes, your dog will be more stable, less agitated, less hyperactive and less attention-seeking. They are clearly also a good tool for developing problem-solving skills. These kinds of games are based on the fact that our pampered pooch autonomously manages to find the solution to the problems that are presented before him whilst playing. Not only, once the mystery is solved, he will receive a delicious treat as a prize!

Now you know what your next gift to your best friend will be. Together, you will have a world of fun and – we can assure you – nothing could make him happier than that!

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