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If you have ever wondered why ginger cats are so loved you’re in the right place. With that round and fluffy face, big green eyes and copper hair how could you not fall in love with them? But besides this, why do we find them in the top 10 of most loved cats?

Ginger cats characteristics 

They’re passionate  

If a ginger cat enters your life, it will hardly leave your heart. Even if it is not among the calmer and more sociable species in the cat-world, ginger cats are pretty much everyone’s favourite. They are very passionate and that’s why they are always seeking for cuddles. Something that makes pet parents’ hearts melt. 

They are very popular in the cinematic world

Not to forget they are also real celebrities! As Garfield, Puss in Boots, Romeo (in ‘The Aristocats’) and Alice in Wonderland’s kitty, ginger cats have taken part in many internationally acclaimed films. They have been undisputed stars in many funny roles, and this has also increased their popularity as pets.

Ginger cat breeds

Obviously, even for ginger cats, one cannot ‘lump everything together’. There are indeed different breeds. Let’s discover some of them!

1) The Persian ginger cat

The Persian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. It comes from the Middle East is easily recognisable thanks to its long and thick hair. To keep the coat in check, you will need an appropriate brush. The GRO 5982 brush is the right solution. From the carder side it eliminates dead hair from the undercoat, while from the brush side it rearranges it, making it shiny and soft.  

2) The European ginger cat

The European ginger cat breed comes from ancient Mesopotamia. Characterised by an unbelievable variety of genetic combinations, shaping in many shades and patterns on its furry coat.

3) The American Bobtail ginger cat

It is a medium to long-haired breed from the USA. It is sociable, playful and it prefers the company of its pet parent to solitude. The best-known breeds are the ones with tiger or marbled coats. 

4) The Maine Coon ginger cat

The Maine Coon is famous for its big dimensions! This huge cat breed comes from the rural environment, in fact, it had the task of hunting mice. It holds the record for the biggest cat in the world and it is the official state cat of Maine.

Why are ginger cats rare?

Female ginger cats are very rare because of genetics. The red colour is in fact dependent on the Orange gene with a dominant ‘O’ and a recessive ‘o’ gene. Its peculiarity is that it can only be transmitted by females. Therefore, male cats (XY) can only have one Orange gene: if it is dominant the cat will be red, if it is recessive it will take another colour. On the other hand, females can have more than one gene combination. As a result, the chance of having a red-dyed coat female cat decrease. 

These are the reasons that make ginger cats so popular. Are you ready to adopt one?

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