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Spring is still a long way off and, if you have not already done so, remember to buy your cat a warm, soft pillow to protect them from the cold. There are different models and sizes, but how do you choose the best one?

Whether it’s a cushion or a house, the important thing is that it’s large enough, comfortable and easy to wash: cats hate dirt, so always remember that their beds must be cleaned frequently! There are a variety of materials such as fabric, plastic, and felt; you need to choose the one that best suits your home’s decor and that meets your cat’s needs.

Cat cushions and blankets

A cushion or blanket is a good compromise, because it has the advantage of being easy to move anywhere or placed in all your cat’s favourite places: on a chair or bed, or on the floor. One of the most popular models is the classic velvet padded cushion, such as the Prince model by Ferplast, or the Baron blanket, double face, super resistant and machine washable at 30°.

Cat baskets and sofas

Cats really love baskets that they can climb right inside, making them feel protected while still being able to watch what’s going on around them. In summer, plastic ones are ideal, such as the Siesta Deluxe; in winter it is better to opt for a model in warm fabric, such as Astro, a novelty in the Ferplast house. Astro is a soft basket that is finished down to the last detail, with an internal covering in eco-fur and with a nice pattern with black and white kitten faces on the outside. Mikado and Muffin are also available in the same line and pattern, along with rounded sofas, which are very comfortable, equipped with removable internal cushions and cute pom-poms to entertain the cat.

Closed cat houses

Then there are the famous cat hideouts, the classic closed hutches that look like real little houses: they certainly make cats feel like they are in a real fort, safe and protected from any threat. There are some very nice and imaginative models available: shaped like pyramidal tunnels like Pyramid, with two comfortable side openings to allow your furry friend to get in and out easily and to have a curious look at the surroundings; then there are the igloo shaped ones like Majesty, made of soft velvet, which creates an intimate and secluded environment. The classic little house never goes out of fashion – it is spacious and keeps the cat warm all winter long; people who love to have design objects at home will appreciate nothing more than Majesty, a little house for cats that can be turned into a basket when needed. Closed houses like these are dens where cats can hide and stay in complete solitude away from prying eyes!

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