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One of the most famous among the numerous rabbit breeds is the Lop Rabbit. This silly-looking ball of fur is immediately recognisable for its long, soft, floppy ears framing its head, making it look really friendly and irresistible. Let’s take a closer look.

The lop rabbit is originally from Holland, and thanks to its sweet, affectionate nature, it’s one of the most popular and beloved pets for adults and children. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it: unlike what you may think, this pet can be really affectionate towards humans, demonstrating its love with little licks or tiny, delicate bites. When it wants some cuddling or caressing, it’ll bump against you with its nose to make it very clear.


This rabbit grows much more than its peers. It’s not just its soft, abundant fur that makes it look bigger: they’re actually larger and can grow to weigh 2 kg. Among its numerous peculiarities, lop rabbits have excellent eyesight and hearing. Don’t be surprised if your rabbit hears you coming when you’re angry after something they did wrong, and runs around like crazy looking for a safe hiding place!


These rabbits are known for their long floppy ears, which play an important role in temperature regulation, in addition to being extremely sensitive and delicate organs. Never hold a rabbit by its ears, no matter what people tell you.

When it comes to food, it’s crucial to provide your lop rabbit with a balanced diet, to maintain its good health and to keep its fur glossy. Give it grass, hay (a delicacy for rabbits), and fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples and carrots are a gourmet dish for Zorro, the model of these photographs!


When compared with other pets, rabbits have very delicate teeth that never stop growing. This means they need special chewing toys, to keep their teeth strong and properly worn. Ferplast’s Tiny & Natural toys are a great solution, as they’re absolutely safe even if swallowed, thanks to their natural, non-toxic and biodegradable components.


Lop rabbits love to live in freedom, at home or in a well-fenced garden and safe from possible predators, so leave yours out of its cage whenever possible. If it hops too far, simply call it by its name and it’ll come running back to you!


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