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If your cat asks for some pampering, it really is a miracle – not because she’s allergic to it, but because when a cat approaches humans and other cats, she tends, first of all, to make sure she is safe. If your cat comes to you looking for cuddles, you mustn’t disappoint her: here is how to satisfy a cat that wants to be pampered!

How a cat approaches a human being

When a cat is happy and at ease, she is much more inclined to let herself be stroked; not only that, but she will repeatedly roll on the floor or lie on her back making a purring sound. Basically, however, cats tend to be suspicious animals, especially with strangers, and before trusting someone, they “study” the individual from afar, where they feel safe from potential attacks. Only when they have realised that their life is not in danger, they will slowly approach the human.

How a human being approaches a cat

So, how should we behave with a cat? In order to establish respectful contact, before touching the cat, we should look at her and slowly half-close our eyes, repeatedly and calmly. This gesture communicates our good intentions and that we are there in peace. When our feline friend also half-closes her eyes, it means that initial contact has been made and there can be empathy.

After the first exchange of looks has taken place, you need to gently move your hand towards the cat’s face: this is a nice way to ask for permission to stroke her and, at the same time, she can discover who she has before her through her sense of smell. If the cat does not move back and begins to rub herself on your outstretched hand, it means that she has agreed to get to know you.

You should leave the cat free to move away when she is tired of being stroked, as a prolonged caressing session becomes a form of over-stimulation that can be annoying to many cats, causing negative reactions.

Where to stroke your cat

Stroking a cat the right way is not as easy as you might imagine: there are points on a cat’s body where they really love being stroked and others where it is better not to disturb them.

Perfect caresses start from the head and run down to the end of the sides, gently sliding your hand over the cat’s fur from top to bottom. As a first approach, it is better to avoid touching the top of a cat’s head, as this would be a bit too intrusive. It is better to stick to the chin area, which you can scratch gently, and this will produce positive feelings in your cat.

The tummy is a very delicate area and not all cats like it being touched, as this is where the vital organs are located, making it a very vulnerable point, and a cat will only allow it to be stroked if she has full trust in the human. To gain your cat’s trust, try to lightly brush against her muzzle, cheeks and the backs of the ears … and she will be tickled pink!

All cats have their own preferences about where to be stroked and for how long, so listen to them and observe them. It doesn’t take much to make a cat happy!

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