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Are you tired of being ignored by your cat? Today we will teach you how to conquer its heart by showing you where it loves to be petted, what key points make it fall to the ground at your feet!

Petting your cat after a stressful day at work helps calm nerves and relax everyone. But what if your cat simply rejects your advances and scampers away every time you try? Well, then you have to turn to Plan B and put it under your spell! Here are some tips on where your beloved feline prefers to be pet and stroked!

How to pet your cat

Cats prefer to be caressed where they have their odoriferous glands because when you stroke them there they emit their special fragrance and this makes them feel very happy.

1) CHIN. You want an easy conquest? Well then start out by scratching it under its soft little chin, it is without a doubt one of kitty’s favourite spots! It will soon close its little eyes and surrender to your loving touch.

2) AT THE BASE OF THE EARS. Cats love to be touched behind their ears, they have their odoriferous glands there. Using the balls of your fingers, gently press on that area and if it starts to move its head in closer to you, then it is marking its “territory.”

3) CHEEKS. Caress it gently behind its whiskers and then along the length of its nose. The louder the purring, the more it is enjoying it. And if the whiskers start pointing forwards, well, you’ve hit the jackpot!

4) BASE OF THE BACK NEAR THE TAIL. Your cat will go nuts if you run your fingers along its spine and then, as a final touch, a little extra pressure on the base of the tail will simply make it a friend for life! Massage the muscles behind its neck and only move your hands or fingers in the direction of its fur.

Where NOT to touch your cat!

Avoid interaction with the cat’s tummy. Unlike dogs, cats feel completely defenceless when touched there. In the wild, felines have to defend themselves from predators, and baring their tummies would make them highly vulnerable.

All that said, every cat has its own distinctive personality, its preferences. Some don’t even want any physical contact with you at all! But don’t let that stop you from gently trying, perhaps patience and consistency will make it change its mind. Are you ready to pet your cat as it should be?

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