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There are dogs scarred of cars to the point of resisting and not wanting to get on board. Today we explain how to get your dog used to getting into the car easily, thus overcoming his fears!

Why doesn’t the dog want to get in the car?

When the dog categorically refuses to drive with you, it is most likely because he has associated the car with something negative. For example, it reminds him of his first time to the vet or the time you took him to the dog boarding house before leaving for the holidays.

He may be afraid because he suffers from motion sickness. It usually happens the first time he travels aboard a vehicle, but it can happen that a dog, perhaps accustomed only to short distances, reacts badly facing a longer journey, thus refusing to get in the car.

This problem can often appear insurmountable, but most of the time it is easy and quick to resolve!

Getting your dog into the car in 3 steps!

STEP 1. With the engine off, open the car trunk or rear door, enter the car with the dog’s favorite toy and invite him to enter. Pass the seats with his blanket so he will smell his odor and feel it as a familiar place. When the dog has decided to get in, let him play and caress him, as soon as you see him calm and at ease get out and close the door / trunk trying to make as little noise as possible. If he starts fidgeting, repeat all over again, otherwise go to the second phase.

STEP 2. Get back into the car, roll down a window and get out of the car without being seen by the dog. If he watches you, hand him a snack from the window and then let him get out of the car. Repeat this procedure a couple of times, but on the third time, don’t give him the prize from outside, but from the driver’s seat. Petting the dog and repeating sweet words to him is always important.

STEP 3. Start the engine and immediately turn to give a biscuit to the dog to create a positive association between the prize and the ignition of the car. Take a very short trip, but enough to make one maneuver in forward and one in reverse. Based on the dog’s reaction, evaluate whether it is appropriate to repeat all over again or move on to the next step which consists of testing the car directly from inside the carrier. In fact, the dog must always travel inside it or at most, if his size allows it, on the rear seats equipped with a safety belt.

Remember that it is important to choose a good quality kennel such as those of the Atlas line by Ferplast, made of solid thermoplastic resin and equipped with a plastic-coated steel door with safety lock with 4 fixing points, to ensure the full safety of the animal, avoiding unpleasant openings that could endanger Fido. Atlas Car models are even specifically designed for car transport. There are various sizes to choose from based on the size of the trunk of your car and the size of the dog.

Does your dog love to travel by car?

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