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Weaning is the time when a kitten switches from liquid food to solid food. It is usually the mother cat who takes care of it, but if you have found an orphaned kitten it is also your job to make sure that this transition takes place in the best and most natural way possible. We explain to you what to feed him and what to do during this period of his life!

Duration of kitten weaning

Weaning begins when the cat is one month old, but the transition to solid food must be gradual and therefore lasts until he reaches 3 months. At this point the furry should be able to eat by his own and to live “alone”.

Weaning a kitten: what’s needed

If a cat is separated from its mother too early and he not weaned properly, he can develop severe physical and emotional problems. If you find an orphaned kitten you will have to take care of him. What is needed?

1. Get a mother’s milk substitute, but not cow’s milk, which is hard to digest, and high quality kitten-specific solid foods, baby food or cooked pureed meat.

2. If the kitten has been removed from his mother and is only a few weeks old, it is necessary to guarantee his natural feeding using a dropper, which must be filled with artificial milk. In this case, grab the kitten firmly and slowly insert a few drops of liquid into his mouth at a time, continue in this way until the fourth week of life.

3. Buy a bowl for food and a bowl for water, which do not have the sides too high otherwise the cat will have difficulty drinking and eating.

How to wean a kitten

When the cat is 4 weeks old, start giving him some powdered milk. Do not overfill the bowl and be patient, if he is used to sucking milk from his mother, he does not necessarily get used to this object immediately. Avoid pushing his head into the bowl so as not to scare him!

At around 5-6 weeks of age, the weaning kitten can start eating wet or moistened food, mixed with milk, while at 7-8 weeks of age it can start gnawing on kibble, moistened with water in order to soften and form a pap.

From 8-10 weeks onwards, the actual transition to solid foods takes place and you have to start providing them with specific puppy food without having to mix it with liquids. The important thing is that the kitten must eat about four times a day until he reaches six months. At this age, two meals a day are more than enough.

At the end of weaning, it is advisable to continue to feed the kittens with specific products for puppies at least up to nine months of life.

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