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It’s time to set off on a holiday with your dog. If you decide to travel by car, you need to travel with a range of accessories for your furry friend and remember to follow certain basic rules. Here are the essential things to know about worry-free travelling by car with your dog!



To ensure that your dog has a relaxing journey, we must first of all avoid leaving him free to move about inside the car – it is very dangerous and he could be hurt! For this reason, it is necessary to have Fido travel in a carrier. The models in Ferplast’s Atlas line are spacious enough to allow the animal to change position and stretch his legs, whilst also being very resistant. They come in a wide range of colours, with the latest hues on the horizon being: fuchsia, yellow and green. A touch of vivaciousness never goes astray! Of course, if your puppy isn’t quite as small as Mia, you’ll need to opt for a more solid and spacious model like the Atlas Car. Lightweight but sturdy, thanks to the thermoplastic resin, it is available in 4 different sizes and is even equipped with an internal divider for carrying two dogs at the same time, with a drainage mat included to ensure the environment is always dry. The Atlas Car is also available in an aluminium version, for those looking for even greater strength.


A bowl for food and a water container are musts to take with us. The best option is a collapsible bowl made of silicone rubber that takes up very little space once closed, along with a convenient water bottle so that our furry friend can always have a supply of water during rest stops.


To keep your dog entertained and make him feel at home, it is important to bring his toys, placing some in the carrier. You will all have a much more relaxed and peaceful journey if he has his favourite items within reach.


It often happens that dogs do not feel very well during car trips and an unexpected occurrence takes place. If there is no way to have a bath immediately, you can safely use wipes to clean and disinfect the poor pukey pooch.

Precautions to take

1. Apply sunshades to the car windows to avoid direct sunlight. If it is very hot, Fido could suffer a heat stroke. Above all, never ever leave animals in the car alone.

2. Do not feed your pet for 6-8 hours preceding the trip. If you are going on a longer journey, give him small meals of dry food.

3. If you do not have air-conditioning in your car, avoid travelling during the hottest hours of the day. At most, leave the window open a little so that the air can circulate.

4. Drive gently without sudden acceleration or braking.

5. Make regular stops to allow the dog to have a drink, even wetting his muzzle and forehead in order to refresh him. Take advantage of this break to let Fido take a walk to stretch his legs and to go pee-pee.

With these simple tips, you can ensure your four-legged friend has a tranquil car trip!

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