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Did you know that guinea pigs are very playful creatures? In fact, as well as being very sociable, these little rodents are fun-loving and constantly need to be entertained and stimulated. Here are some suggestions on the best toys for guinea pigs!

Running and Hide and Seek: the guinea pig’s passions

The guinea pig’s greatest passions are running and playing hide and seek. That being said, any game that involves movement and hiding will make your furry friend happy. You can make their days less monotonous by creating a real playground with tunnels, hideouts, little houses and bridges inside the cage… in short, everything that recreates narrow passageways and small openings for them to hide in and have fun. Remember, the simplest toys are the best; in addition, the material they are made from must be evaluated carefully.

Toys for guinea pigs by Ferplast

Ferplast knows what guinea pigs and their owners need and, for this reason, specific products have been included in the range of toys for rodents, which aim to guarantee them healthy fun. Among the favourites, there are plastic tubes and ones with sound effects made of nylon, as well as cubes where they can find shelter. Guinea pigs also have great fun playing with paper balls: they love the noise of crumpled paper! The ideal thing would be to vary the position and arrangement of these elements regularly, to avoid a habit effect.

Toys that are dangerous for guinea pigs

All games that tend to crumble, shatter or lose small pieces that can be swallowed should be avoided, as they could lead to unpleasant consequences for your guinea pig. These rodents don’t like games that are too complicated. Particular attention must be focused on the wheel, the classic one that hamsters also use a lot. As already mentioned, guinea pigs love to run but it is wise to pay attention to the right model of wheel to buy. You need to consider your little pet’s size and choose a wheel with the right diameter: a wheel that is too small could force your pet into an unnatural position which would compromise his health!

How to spend time with your guinea pig

A guinea pig needs at least four hours of playtime per day in order to remain in shape. Of course, not all of these can be spent with his human friend and that’s why toys exist. Nevertheless, it is very important for the guinea pig’s owner to spend time actively playing with the little pet: stroking, cuddles, little walks outside the cage and creating games with his favourite foods are essential activities. If you have the chance to do so, adopt two guinea pigs… that way, they will keep each other company!

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