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Keeping a cat’s litter tray clean and scented is essential to guarantee perfect hygiene in the home and for your cat too: we know very well that felines are squeamish and that the slightest unpleasant smell discourages them from doing their business there.

If there is one thing that cats cannot stand it’s a bad smell. They have always been considered clean animals, attentive to cleanliness by nature, and they certainly have needs that we should satisfy, such as changing their litter frequently and cleaning the litter tray thoroughly to avoid the spread of germs and smells that are anything but sweet!

How often should you change your cat’s litter?

Lumps and droppings left by your cat must be removed every day, so that your furry friend can continue to use the litter, without having to replacing it completely. The ideal way is to empty it completely twice a week, especially in the hot weather, when smells spread more easily. You should not try to save on litter and keep in mind that the ideal quantity is around 8 cm deep, so that your cat can dig and hide her business easily.

Natural remedies against bad smells from the litter tray

Before adding new litter, it is advisable to wash the litter tray thoroughly. The most effective natural remedies are bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar.

The procedure is very simple: after throwing away the old litter, sprinkle a layer of bicarbonate of soda on the bottom of the tray to absorb the bad smells. Alternatively, do the same but with the vinegar, making sure to cover the corners too; let it rest for half an hour, then rinse with hot water and dry well with a cloth. Always avoid the use of chemicals such as bleach, which could discourage your cat from approaching the litter tray and, instead, disinfect with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which is perfect for neutralising odours.

Which type of litter tray should you use?

The latest generation litter trays are made from innovative materials and have special filters that absorb odours, preventing them from spreading throughout the environment. Ferplast offers a wide range of practical and quick-to-clean closed litter trays, such as Prima Cabrio, which is made of solid thermoplastic resin, has a wide base and a large flap at the front that opens up, allowing quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. In the upper part, it has ventilation grills complete with active carbon filters that are very useful for keeping bad odours away.

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