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Choosing the name for your dog can be a difficult task for some, exciting for others, after all a name is forever, so it is normal to have doubts and search for ideas on the web in order to find the right one. If you are looking for inspiration, you are in the right place!

After suggesting which names to give to your cat, here are some ideas to identify the ideal one for the dog.

Dogs like certain sounds

It is scientifically proven that dogs respond more to certain sounds. Behavioral veterinarian Christopher Pachel states that “short and broken” sounds make the dog react faster, while “long and slow” sounds give the opposite result.

A short name is easier to memorize and learn even by the dog, it is no coincidence that among the most common names for dogs there are precisely those with two or three syllables, for example Kora, Jack, Spot… On the contrary it recommended to avoid names consisting of two or more words, which become difficult to remember and work little when you want to recall your faithful friend.

You should never choose names similar to words that are usually used during the day, because there is the risk of confusing the darling. Harsh sounds like “k” or “ch” help dogs distinguish their names from surrounding noises.

Of course, all names similar to those of another pet or family member should also be avoided, otherwise they will respond every time you call them.

The name is a signal

For us, the name is a way in which we identify ourselves and present ourselves to others, for the dog the name is above all a “signal”, a “message”. For this reason, when choosing a name for your furry dog, you must give space to your imagination without neglecting a very important aspect, namely training.

It is very important to choose an appropriate name to educate and call the animal. The dog will hear his name being said countless times and at that moment he will associate that sound with a command.

Useful tips for choosing the name for to the dog

If you have just adopted a dog you can also wait a few days before giving him a name: in this way you will have the time to understand his character, if it has particular tastes in terms of play or nutrition, and then choose a name that reflects his characteristics and its personality. This way you will be sure that you have made the right choice.

If you decide to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, which has already been given a name, it is advisable to keep  that one, since the dog has already got used to that sound, it is preferable not to modify it, nor cripple it or use endearments.

Beyond these technical aspects, choosing a name you like is the most important thing. Give it a try: if when you repeat it you feel good, then it’s the right name!

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