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Are you adopting a cat and you don’t know how to name him? After thinking about cushions, bowls, games and treats, you have to stop for a second to choose an ideal name for your future tenant! If you don’t know where to start, we recommend this short reading, we are sure you will come out full of ideas.

The name you decide to give your cat is important. It says a lot about the relationship you want to establish with him and it will still be a sound that you will repeat very often at home in moments of play and tenderness, but also in those of reproach.

Points to consider in order to choose the right name to give to the cat

Choosing the perfect name for the cat is not a walk in the park, but there are some issues that can be inspired by. You can start by observing the cat, taking into consideration:

  •  a characteristic linked to his appearance,
  • a characteristic of his character,
  • a particular sign.

Better to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and above all easy for the cat to learn. For this reason, it is better to opt for nouns composed of up to 3 syllables, which make learning easier and faster internalization than long or compound nouns.

Another piece of advice we give you is to avoid names and words with a sound similar to the commands, because they could confuse the cat and in the long run they could become nervous not being able to distinguish when they are just called or they are warned. Likewise, it is helpful to avoid naming it after other people living under the same roof.

How long does it take for the cat to learn his name?

The name to be given to the cat must be chosen immediately so that the cat learns to respond to the call. It usually takes cats 5 to 10 days to learn their name, so try to repeat it often when you turn to your four-legged friend.

If, on the other hand, you adopt a cat that had another name but you want to change it (which we do not recommend), it may take some time, so arm yourself with patience and teach it with affection and some rewards!

You can train the cat with some daily exercises: for example, when the food is ready, or he is coming back home from the garden, call him, shake the bag of treats and then give him his kibble. In this way, he will associate the sound of the name to something pleasant and he will reach you whenever he hears it. It is also important to use, especially at the beginning, a sweet and calm tone of voice so that the cat can feel reassured!

If this guide doesn’t help you to choose the tight name for your cat, stay tuned, soon we will also draw up a list of names for cats and kittens!

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