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We can’t always take our pets with us when we travel, especially if your pets are fish! Lucky for us, fish are very independent creatures and if we take advantage of all the new technology, we can clean the water and feed them while we’re gone, without having to ask friends or relatives to do so.

When the summer holiday season rolls around we usually go away for a few weeks at a time, and we don’t have always have people we can rely on to take care of the fish in our aquarium. Maybe because we don’t really trust them or because we don’t want to give the responsibility to someone we don’t know all that well, and so we have to find a way to feed them without asking anyone’s help.

In order to meet the needs of all fish lovers, Ferplast has come up with yet another invention: a personal chef for fish!!

It’s called Chef Pro, a cutting-edge automatic feeder that can dispense any type of fish food – whether flakes or granules. It has four different types of hatches that correspond to the type of food and it can be easily clamped to the tank.

It runs on two 1.5 volt non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. This low voltage makes it a very safe product.

You can easily programme it for up to three feedings a day and the meal size is guaranteed by the auger inside, which has a patented mechanism. It also comes with a low-battery level warning and stand-by function.

The 100 ml food tank is easy to clean because you can remove the front panel and it only opens when it is releasing the food.

So you see, we can all go away more happily now because we know our fish will get what they need every day, without any problems!




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