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Originally, the cat is a desert animal that receives most of the water from its prey. This is why our domestic cats tend to drink little, but for their health they should drink approximately eighty milliliters of liquid per day per kg of body. For this reason, they must always have access to fresh water, in order to integrate what they lack from dry food.

The cat begins to quench his thirst as a puppy, from the fifth week, learning to drink by lowering his head until his nose touches the liquid in the bowl, while the adult cat uses his tongue as if it were a spoon to bring water into his mouth.

It is very important that water is always available to our feline friend, changing it daily and placing it away from where food is administered. The cat, as a predator, would never drink in the same place where he brought the prey, so bowls or water dispensers must be placed in several points of the house. The dispensers should be placed in cool places, away from the sun and heat and in the hottest periods it must be ensured that it can always have access to it.

Some cats often spill bowls of water for fun, but do you know why?
Because most likely some dust or fragments of dry food end up in the bowl, becoming “prey” to be hunted in the water. This behavior should be read as a game and not a spite by our furry friend.
For this reason, opting for an Azimut dispenser can overcome this drawback, since it is well fixed to the floor and the water inside its tank is protected from any dust.

How much the cat should drink on the basis of his food diet

If our cat’s diet consists mainly of dry food, for a 3 kg cat it must be 250 ml, roughly one glass of water per day.

If the furry feed is instead wet, its liquid requirements will be lower, since canned food is made up of 80% water. In any case, it is important to always ensure a bowl where he can drink at any time of the day.

Water, an element to play with for the cat

Many cats are attracted to water both for the movement and for the noise it makes when falling. This is why you have probably found more than once your cat near the taps of the bathroom or the kitchen, trying to catch the drops or the water that flows.

For this reason it is important to provide him with fresh, clean water and even better if on the move. In this regard, Ferplast’s Vega fountain reproduces the spring effect with water always in motion to stimulate its natural need to drink but also to play, to feel like a predator and a small explorer of the rooms in our home. Thanks to the non-slip caps on the base, it is well stable on the floor where it is placed.

It is also made of plastic with Sanitized treatment, a permanent antibacterial protection that effectively protects it from bacteria responsible for bad odors.

Water for the cat, as for all living beings, is a fundamental element of his nutrition, it is therefore recommended to check that he always drinks and stimulate his laziness perhaps with some small playful trick!

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