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Criceto nella gabbietta accessoriata Ferplast
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Having a small animal has many advantages when it comes to travelling and holidays. Rule number 1? Don’t forget the hamster accessories!

It is possible to travel with hamsters, as with all other pets. But to do so, you need to take the right precautions and carry the accessories he needs to spend several days away from home.

When to take your hamster on holiday

The decision to take your hamster with you must be taken with due care. If it is only for a few days, it may not be worthwhile. Hamsters, in fact, like all rodents, find it difficult to cope with change and the stress of constant travel could be a lot. If, however, you are travelling for more than a week, it is worth thinking about which hamster accessories you should take with you so that your hamster doesn’t miss anything.Primo piano di un criceto con gioco Ferplast Tiny and Naturale

Travel accessories

In summer, hamsters are particularly affected by the heat and sultriness, which is why It’s important to ensure that their cage is not exposed to sunlight during the journey. Draughts are equally dangerous. It is therefore best to avoid having the windows down. A useful accessory for transporting your hamster is Aladino Small, a sturdy plastic carrier with a transparent roof and ventilation slots. It has a handle and safety lock. Perfect for your little friend!Criceto all'interno del trasportino di Ferplast

Hamster accessories

Due to their habitual nature, hamsters need their everyday accessories to enjoy the change. Before leaving, you should prepare the cage with food and plenty of water. For your hamster’s holidays, you can choose Laura, equipped with a feeder, a drinking bottle, a nest box, a wheel and a set of tubes. Or Combi 2, the modular hamster cage with a gym area that guarantees excellent internal ventilation, thanks to its grid structure that helps air circulation.Criceto in gabbia con giochi e accessori Ferplast

To make your hamster feel at ease, you can also place his favourite toys in the cage. For example, the Tiny & Natural range of gnawing toys that promote oral health and are available in different shapes – carrot, corncob, apple and cheese.Criceto in gabbia accessoriata Ferplast

The most important recommendation, however, is hydration. It is essential that your hamster always has a drinking bottle filled with fresh water at his disposal, e.g. Sippy, which has a suction cup for attaching to glass and plastic, as well as a hooking system on the net.

Taking your hamster on holiday is therefore possible, the important thing is to pay attention to his needs.

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