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Cane nell'acqua mentre gioca con la padrona con i giochi Ferplast
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Once you have booked your holidays at the seaside with the whole pet family, it’s time to think about the games to play with your dog on the beach so that he doesn’t get bored and annoy the neighbors.

Going on holiday with your four-legged friends requires a careful organization: first of all, look for pet-friendly hotels and beaches because not all hotels and beaches welcome pets. Then it’s time to pack your suitcase: you need to remember everything you need to spend unforgettable days with your dog. One of the things that should not be forgotten is, of course, the dog’s toys.

Games to play with your dog at the seaside

For Fido’s fun on holiday, Ferplast has created a series of games to play at the beach with your dog. Dogs’ games train body and mind and favour the interaction between man and animal, strengthening their relationship.

The lifebuoy

One of the Ferplast’s most appreciated floating toys is the lifebuoy’s shaped one. It is a floating toy made of light fabric, therefore ideal to be used in water. It’s made of high-quality non-toxic materials and is safe for your dog. It is also equipped with a cord to drag it across the water. The game is well suited for throwing and fetching. A fun game to play with your dog? Simulate a rescue at sea! Throw the life buoy into the water, wait for Fido to bring it back and reward him with kibble.Cane gioca al mare con il salvagente di Ferplast

The Puller

Another perfect game for the beach is the Puller by Ferplast, the game is composed by two rings of sturdy, non-toxic and floating material to be grabbed and bitten. The toy keeps the dog’s muscles toned and improves stamina. It can be used for running, jumping and pulling and improves attention and reaction skills. It is available in different sizes to suit all dogs.Cane gioca al mare con Puller di Ferplast

The ball

An evergreen among dog toys is the ball. Ferplast’s dog ball is made of thermoplastic rubber with an uneven surface, for a massaging effect on the dog’s gums. For this particular function, the ball can be used as entertainment during the hottest hours. Dogs are prone to heat stroke and hot sand can cause painful burns to their paws. It is therefore better to entertain them under the beach umbrella with a fun game such as a dog ball.Cane gioca al mare con la palla Ferplast

The Smile

Finally, a novelty from Ferplast is Smile: the dental toy for dogs with bicarbonate crystals to reduce plaque and tartar. Made of thermoplastic rubber, extra durable and non-toxic. The meat-flavoured aroma and the possibility of filling it with kibble make it possible to extend playtime under the beach umbrella. The uneven surface has a massaging effect on the gums. It is available in different sizes and colours to suit all sizes.Cane gioca al mare con Smile di Ferplast

Ferplast’s games to play with your dog at the beach are fun pastimes for the whole pet family. The only recommendation: always remember that dogs, just like us, suffer from heat, so avoid playing under the sun during the hottest hours.

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